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iOS 7 Jailbreak

An iOS 7 jailbreak was released on Decembert 23, 2013 with no previos notification, news or warning.This is the first time that I see a jailbreak for the iPhone that go this quite with no progress news.

From my previous experience with any jailbreak for the iPhone is that we would get up to date news about the jailbreak before it hits the public. Almost all jailbreaks had some kind of warning or reminders. We just had to watch the news to learn about the latest jailbreak. This would usually take a long time.

The jailbreaks are usually announced on a timely bases with nothing hidden. You would know that the dev team is working on a jailbreak and how far they are from releasing a publick jailbreak.

This has been the case with all the previous iPhone jailbreaks. However, it is not the case with iOS 7 jailbreak as it was a complete surprise.

This jailbreak by the evad3rs had no warning, and the group kept it as a secret with no news to tell until the Cristmas. What a nice holiday to work on jaibreaking all my iOS devices.

I loved the news, and loved the surprise.

This in fact helped every one so Apple doesn't patch the jailbreak soon. Now even Apple is shocked and surprised and they are not prepared. This iOS 7 jailbreak is great because you should be assured that a patch won't be available for some time.

Evasi0n7 by the Evad3rs is out with a nice easy t use interface. It is out for both Mac and PC. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. Once you download evasi0n7 for your computer and connect an iPhone, the jailbreak button will be highlighted. Simply click the jailbreak button and follow the on screen instruction.

iOS 7 jailbreak is compatible with every iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini model running iOS 7 up to iOS 7.0.4. This will include the new generations iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and the new iPad Ai and iPad mini with retina display.

iOS 7 Jailbreak evasi0n7

The shocking iOS 7 jailbreak was also a surprise to Saurik the Cydia store developer. Therefore, you will find many iPhone hacks, and tweaks that don't yet work. Not only that but also Cydia itself wasn't ready for the jailbreak. Installing some old iPhone hacks with the new jailbreak could in fact result in your iPhone getting into a permanent loop. Therefore, you must be very careful when installing hacks on iOS 7.

Visit the list of compatible iOS 7 tweaks that were tested:

Those iPhone hacks work:

FireWall iP
Icon Renamer
ShakeToUndo Killer
Signal 2
Signal Booster
Software Update Killer

Those iPhone hacks work somehow:

Abstergo: installs, but then does nothing
Activator (beta): some things work, but gives a frequent error message
BytaFont7: you have to move the .app folder to the correct location, some have gotten it to work
Iconoclasm7: only one icon set works
Infiniboard: installs, but doesn’t do anything
SBSettings: missing some components, must install manually
Winterboard: it installs, but won’t install themes.
iFile: installs but registration fails

With iOS 7 many new features, we should expect some really cool iPhone tweaks to come. Besides the old great iPhone hacks that will eventually be updated to support iOS 7, we will see new hacks that are specific to iOS 7 such as the new iOS 7 notification center, the new iOS 7 Camera app, the new control center and many more. We just have to wait and see the wave of new and cool iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks.


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