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iOS 6

iOS was announced back in June 2012, and it has over 200 new features from iOS 5. Some of the main and major features are a new Apple redesigned Maps application, Facebook integration, improvements to Siri, and other improvements to Safari, Mail, the Phone application, and many others.

iOS 6 comes pre installed on iPhone 5, however, it is a free upgrade for users of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 3GS.

Apple Maps Application:

The Maps application in iOS 6 is the biggest noticeable change. Although some media and some users criticized Apple in ditching Google maps, I personally support the move and think it is in the right direction for Apple ecosystem and its customers.

Google Maps in iOS was never the best mapping application to rely on and use. I always used Navigon for my navigation. Google map doesn't have turn by turn navigation, and it only worked when data service is available. So, will not work Canada for example. At least Apple maps provides victor maps and it saves maps that can be used with no internet connection required.

Apple MAps turn by turn navigationNavigate with Apple Maps

Apple Maps Flyover Apple Maps adds all the things that google maps was missing.

It has turn by turn navigation using Siri voice, and Siri is now integrated in Maps that you can easily ask for direction to Home for example.

Moreover, it has the best flyover view available. Although some locations don't exist yet, and some tweaking is still required, I think this is just the beginning of Apple Maps.

Apple should have done this a long time ago. Maps must be integrated in the iOS just like Safari, and Mail. Therefore, it must be owned by Apple for full control.

On the other side, the beauty of iOS is that there are hundreds of thousands of Apps in the App store, and tens of Maps and and iPhone GPS navigation apps.


Facebook Integration:

Facebook is integrated in iOS 6 which means that you can access Facebook in many ways inside your Apps running on your iPhone.

For example, you can quickly update your Facebook status right from the Notification Center.

iOS6 facebook integration.

Also, you can access Facebook sharing from the sharing button that is available in many iOS applications such as the Safari and Photos apps. You can easily post pictures, websites and almost anything in iOS to Facebook.

iOS 6 SharingPost to Facebook with iOS 6

You must be logged in to Facebook from Settings, just the same way you do as with Twitter in iOS 5. To share photos on Facebook, simply open the photos app, and then tap "Edit". Then select the pictures you want to post on Facebook and then tap the "Share" button as shown below.

Share photos on Facebook with iOS 6Photo sharing with iOS on Facebook

The share menu will appear giving you the option to select "Facebook".

Sharing with iOS 6Share photos on Facebook with iOS6


The iPhone Camera App:

The iPhone camera now has a Panorama option. Although this feature was always locked from iOS 5, it is now optimized and works great on iPhone 5. It is fast and fluid. Just aim the iPhone vertically toward the scenery you like to capture, and swipe the view keeping your hand horizontal. The application will stitch the views together and create a clean sharp panorama picture.

Panorma Camera in iOS 6 for iPhonePanorama for iPhone 5

iOS6 Panorama directionYou can also switch the direction of the Panorama.

So if you want to take a panorama from right to left instead of left to right, simply tap the arrow, and it will flip to the other direction as shown in the picture.

Siri Improvements:

Siri knows more with iOS 6, and can now launch applications. It can play a movie trailer, and much more. Also, I noticed that Siri understands languages better now.

You can use Siri to update your Facebook or Twitter status by saying post on Facebook or similar commands.


Read Selected Content:

Speak slection is a feature added to Siri in iOS 5, Siri is able to read an article alloud by simply selecting it and tapping the "Speak" button.

With iOS 6, the article will move as Siri continues reading the article. This way you are not lost where she is at.


Safari Full Screen:

Safari has a full screen mode in iOS 6 that can be activated when in landscape. Simply tap the diagonal arrow at the bottom right and you would go to full screen mode.

iPhone Safari full screen in iOS 6

To return back to menu mode, simply tap the diagonal arrow one more time. Also, use the left and right arrow to browse left and right or tap the sharing button to post on Facebook.

iOS 6 safari full screen

Another nice addition to Safari in iOS 6 is called iCloud Tabs. Simply tap the favorites button in Safari to access your bookmarks, and you will see a new button called "iCloud Tabs". When you tap this button, you will see all pages that are open on your other devices including iPads, and Mac's. So you can easily continue reading or browsing the page that you left at home!.

iCloud Tabs is an iOS 6 feature added to Safari


Mail VIP Folder:

Mail in iOS 6 has VIPThe mail app has a VIP folder that allows you to add any contact or email to it, and makes it easy to browse for important emails only.

Once you receive an email from a person that you added to the VIP folder, it will automatically move to this folder.

Therefore, you can always check your VIP folder for any important emails that you are expecting in this directory.

Attachments in iOS6 Mail:

Attach multiple pictures to an email in iOS 6There are two ways you can attach pictures to emails in iOS6. One way was introduced in iOS 5, and it is by simply selecting up to 5 pictures in the iPhone Photo app, and then tapping the share button and selecting email.

However, this method is limited to 5 pictures only. With iOS6, you can attach as many pictures right inside the iPhone mail application.

Open the mail application, and start a new email. Then, tap inside the body of your email to access the contextual menu. Now tap to the right to get to "Insert Photo or Video", and then select the picture you want from your photo library.

You can do the same thing as many times as you want to add as many pictures or videos as you like.

iOS 6 Photo Sharing:

With the introduction of iCloud, and Photo Stream, apple created a great sharing experience for iOS users specially if you have an Apple TV. Simply take a picture on your iPhone, and it is automatically pushed to all your iOS devices on the same account. With iOS 6, Apple pushed this great feature even further. Now you can share photos with others that are not on the same Apple ID account, and not even have iOS device by sharing through the web on iCloud.com.

Photo sharing in Photo stream for iOS 6Share your photos with others using iOS photo sharing in photo stream

Share pictures with other users using sharing of iOS 6To share pictures with another user, simply enter his email address, and then tap the Plus button to add a shared folder.

Then, open the shared folder you just created, and start adding pictures. You can also enable Public Website and share the link with as many people as you like.

iOS 6 Phone App:

Answering phone calls with iOS6 has many new options. Instead of declining a call, you can now answer it with a pre defined or custom text. If you cant answer a phone call, simply slide the phone button up to activate the iPhone text messaging feature. Then, simply tap the text you like to quickly send. Or, tap the custom button to create a text of your own.

Ansewring phone calls with ios 6receiving phone calls with ios 6


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