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My Best iOS 6 Hacks

iOS 6 hacks for iPhone 5The following are my best iOS 6 hacks that I was able to install on my iPhone after a very long wait for the iPhone 5 jailbreak.

Finally the jailbreak was released with the code name evasi0n which was developed by a team called evad3rs.

The good news is that we finally have a jailbreak for iOS 6 on iPhone 5. The bad news is that almost all Cydia hacks that we loved and used on iOS5 needed to be either rewritten or updated to work on the iOS 6 jailbreak.

Fortunately most of the good ones are already updated, but there is a big list of nice tweaks that are still not iOS 6 compatible.

The nice thing about Cydia is that it lets you know if the hack is iOS 6 compatible or not and will not even allow you to purchase or download if it is not compatible.

For example, if the hack is not compatible with iOS 6, you will see a yellow box with "Unable to purchase".

Downloading a none compatible iOS 6 iPhone hack could cause stability issues, or restarting in safe mode. Therefore, always avoid installing non compatible hacks and tweaks with your iOS.

In this page, I will show you my best iOS 6 hacks. Although, I am still not 100% there with my iPhone 5 tweaks as I like them to be. However, this is where I am right now, and hope to get the rest of my favorite hacks updated for iOS 6 specially Backgrounder.

The iPhone Settings:

Best iOS 6 hacks for iPhone 5The picture below shows you my Settings where all the iPhone hacks and tweaks are usually shown. Most of the iPhone hacks or tweaks will have some type of settings, and they will show up in the iPhone Settings area. However, some iPhone hacks don't have icons, and don't even have any settings.


Sbsettings is one of my best iOS 6 hacks and still the number one hack that I instal right away after jailbreaking.

The nice thing about Sbsettings is that it automatically installs the most important libraries and of course Mobile Substrait which is the most required layer to run any hack.

Sbsettings also work in conjunction with Activator to as a way to enable and disable it with gestures.


Once you install Sbsettings, Activator is automatically installed. But you can also install Activator by itself to get all kind of gestures you want. You can start applications, and access almost anything inside your iPhone with gesture. You could be very creative here.

Activator added a whole new line of gestures that you can use. This hack will make your user experience with your iPhone 5 much easier and fast.

Activator for iOS 6 adds new features and gestures

Card Switcher:

Unfortunately many iPhone task switcher didn't work on the iOS 6 jailbreak including my favorite one Multiflow.

However, there is an alternative iOS 6 hack that still works as good called CardSwitcher which allows you to show all your currently running apps in a window similar to Mac OSX Expose.

CardSwitcher is a task swtcher hack for iOS 6 CardSwitche in zoom mode works similar to Expose on OSX

You can use pinch in to squeeze more apps in one screen, or you can pinch out to zoom in. Tapping the x button allows you to kill that app.


Springtomize is one of the coolest iPhone hacks and iPhone customization tweak available on the iPhone 5. It was updated for iOS6 and works exactly as it used to be. You can customize everything on your springboard, and folders.

It works smoothly with other iPhone hacks like FolderEnhancer, and with it, you could give your iPhone a new look and feel based on your flavour.



FolderEnhancer for iPhone 5 running iOS 6FolderEnhancer as the name indicates enhances your iPhone Folders behavior. Your folders will open in full screen, and they will open faster. You can change the background color of any folder, and you can insert folders inside folders.

Therefore, you can customise and categorise your iPhone applications in a way that was never seen before on iPhone 5.

Using Springtomize, you can also make your folders smaller, and you can change how many iPhone icon to show in each screen.

The example on the right shows smaller icons, using Springtomize and 5 icons per row.

The background color is changed, and the folders open in full screen.


FullForce is a nice iOS 6 hack designed for the iPhone 5 bigger 4" screen. Because the iPhone 5 is longer than iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, many older applications don't fill its screen.

The apps still work as normal, and probably the developer didn't bother updating the application because it still works. However, it is still annoying to see those black lines on top and bottom of the beautiful iPhone 5 screen.

The solution is FullForce which stretches those iPhone 4S apps to fill the iPhone 5 screen as if they were rewritten for iPhone 5.

It works pretty good, and it will recognize those shorter apps automatically and will ask you if your want to apply Full Force.


This is one of the coolest iOS 5 hacks in the past and is one of the best iOS 6 hacks. It is updated with a new revision now called LockInfo 5 for iOS 6. It brings back the same cool features on your lock screen. You can see your reminders, your weather, calender and any of your notifications on your lock screen.

Lockinfo 5 for iPhone 5 running ios 6


Navigate From Maps:

This is one of the best GPS iPhone hacks that was updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. It uses Apple Maps to find locations, but then it allows you to get to your direction using one of your favorite installed iPhone GPS apps like Navigon, or Tomtom or even Google Maps.


Apple maps hacked with navigate from mapsNavigate from maps for ios6 running on iPhone 5



NCSetting is similar to SBSettings, but it has less features. The advantages of NCSettings is that it has better appearance and is smaller in size, so you can fit it in your Notification Center to quickly access most of your settings.

NCSettings hack for iOS on iPhone 5


Sleipnizer for Safari:

Sleipnizer for Safari is an iPhone 5 HackI love those gestures hacks that allows you to use your iPhone 5 with one hand and with gestures.

Activator of course is an amazing iOS 6 hack that adds gestures, but Sleipnizer for Safari is another cool iPhone tweak for Safari that enhances Safari features and and adds more gestures.

For example, you can gesture with L shape on Safari to move forward, or a mirrored L on the screen to go back.

You can customize your gestures in many ways.


Zephyer is another gesture driver iPhone hack that allows you to access your task switcher by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen instead of using the home button double tap.

You can also enable it to switch between application when you slide your finger from left to right or right to left.



3GUnrestrictor is one of my favorite iPhone hacks. I use it to trick my 3G/LTE network to think I am on wifi. Then, I can make iPhone VoIP calls over the cellular network. And, I can make FaceTime calls with no wifi. Also, I can watch many TV stations that are restricted to work only over wifi.


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