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Hot iPhone Topics

Hot iPhone topics come almost with every iPhone release. Technology changes and big players implementing such technologies cause consumers to either to be happy or complaint. We the consumers, have no say on any of the things that happen, but we might just love it or hate it. It depends on which side of the fence you are in.

This page will cover all the hot iPhone topics that circulate through the internet daily. I will have my opinion in many of those topics, but you can always friendly join without any insult if you want your comment to stay.

Those topics are really arguable, and each person might have a different opinion. Therefore, no offense and respect the other opinion. I will date those topics as some of them become very hot temporarily, and all the sudden they disappear.

Click on the topic that you like to read, and add your thoughts and comments in the comments area.

October 2012: iPhone 5 Lightning Connection:

The iPhone 5 lightning connection has many advantages that it is smaller, reversible, and digital. However, it became a very hot iPhone topic as all current accessories will not work with the new iPhone 5 with out a cost convertor.


The iPhone Storage vs SD cards:

Should Apple include an SD slot in the iPhone? Is it really necessary? or we can live without it? Thanks to iCloud, and many other cloud services.


Longer vs Wider iPhone:

The iPhone 5 came with a longer retina display and the same width as the previous iPhone 4s. This makes it a 4" display measured diagonally vs a 3.5" display. It has been a hot iPhone topic whether the iPhone should stay at the current width, or it should go wider like the many Android phones?


The Apple Ecosystem:

One great advantage of having Apple products is the Apple ecosystem. Once you are in the Apple ecosystem, you will have more advantages in services and features than any other ecosystem from Google or Microsoft. The advantage is that Apple makes the software and hardware for all its products including, Mac computers, iPhone, iPads, iPod touch, and Apple TV.


Apple Maps:

When Apple acquired Poly9 and C3 Technologies in 2009, they had something in mind. They planned to dump the Google Maps from the iOS and build from scratch their own Mapping application. The new Apple Maps has deep integration with the iOS and Siri, has turn by turn audio notification, and state of the art Flyover mode.

Many critics from the media backed up by Google of course flooded the internet. However, to Apple and iOS users generally, I think this is a great move.


iOS vs Android:

One of the hottest topics around the internet is which OS is better the Apple iOS or the Google Android. iOS is great is its simplicity, mobility and the great collection of high quality apps laying within the amazing Apple ecosystem.

The Android is a free open operating system that hundreds of companies take advantage of it and use it on their smart phones. You can customize the Android OS however you like, and you have lots of settings that might be too much for a port5able device.

What do you think, which OS is better?

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