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Dashboard X for iPhone

Dashboard X is so far the best widget system for the iPhone. As we know, the iPhone doesn't have widgets by default.

Three widgets on iPhone using Dashboard XDashboard X for iPhone allows you to add widgets to your home screens

With iOS5, Apple implemented Notification Center which has weather, clock, and notifications widgets. Through jailbreaking, many widgets can actually be installed and shown inside the Notification Center. However, the iPhone doesn't have a way to actually put widgets on your home screen.

This was never an issue to me, but it is worth looking at for people who are jealous of Android because it has widgets on the home screens.

There are a couple of iPhone widgets systems available in Cydia, but they are not as complete and easy to use as Dashboard X. Dashboard X cost $1.99 and uses the same widgets as Notification Center widgets.

Adding A Widget:

Dashboard X is very easy to use. You simply enter the icon editing mode by tapping and holding an icon as if you want to move an icon. Then, you can tap and hold on an empty space on your home while the icons are wiggling. All the currently installed widgets on your iPhone will appear in a list. Then, a new screen will appear that allows you to choose "Interaction" and "Auto Center". Interaction allows you use the widget in the home screen, or use it just as a dead element.

Dashboard X for iPhone widgetsAdd a new dashboard X widget to the iPhone

Once you select the options, you can then select the one you want to add and tap the “Add” button. The widget will then be shown on your home screen where you can move it around just like any iPhone icon.

Install Dahsboard X Widget on iPhone home screenTwo dashboard X widgets on iPhone home screen

You can also move it from one screen to another. When you find the location you want for your iPhone widget, press the home button, and the widget will stay in that position.

A widget called NotiCall is shown on the picture above stuck on one of the home screens. If you chose "Interaction" on, then you can slide your finger left and right to change your contacts inside the widget. You can make a quick phone call to any of your favorite contacts using NotiCall. Once the widget is on your home screen, it will function normally as if it is in Notification Center.

Dashboard X Activation:

Settings for Dashboard X for iPhoneDashboard X has an activation method that could be assigned to Activator. Using this activation will allow you to add iPhone Widgets to another layer in the iOS.

When you apply this activation method, a triple home button click for example, a new layer will appear that allow you to add widgets there too. Double tap the screen to exit the widgets layer.

This is handy if you want to access your widgets on the fly without going to the home screens.

Deleting Widgets:

You can delete widgets in a couple different ways. One way is to tap on a blank area on the home screen until the icons start wiggling. Then, you can tap the (x) just as if you are removing an iPhone icon. If for any reason, you can't remove a widget, you can always delete it from DashboardX settings.

Go to Settings --> Dashboard X --> Enabled Widgets. Now you can slide you finger left or right on the widget you want to delete.

Remove dashboard x widgets on your iPhoneHow to delete Dashboard X widgets on your iPhone from Settings


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