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Best iPhone Applications

In this page, I will talk about my best iPhone applications. Those are the applications I personally use to accomplish many tasks that I use in my daily life either at work, while driving, while walking or while laying on bed.

Some of those applications require a jailbreak to function the way I use them otherwise they might not be as useful or productive.

I haven’t tested every single application in the App Store, but I used many and picked the best most efficient iPhone apps.

I will go through the list of my best iPhone applications installed on my device and will divide the list by categories. I might use two or three apps in one category to do two different tasks. For example, One app might be best in doing only one task while another app is best in doing another task in the same category.


iPhone (VoIP) Voice Over IP Calls:

Skype ScreenSkype For iPhone functions the same way as any Skype installed on a desktop computer. It uses VOIP to make voice conversation with people around the world.

It is my best iPhone application for communicating with my friends and family.

For example, my parents in Egypt have Skype installed on their PC, and since we both have Skype installed, I can talk to them absolutely free.

The only disadvantage with Skype on the iPhone was that it worked only on wifi, but this feature is now enabled on 3G finally. Moreover, with 3G Unrestrictor, which is an iPhone hack that tricks the 3G network into thinking it is wifi, I can talk to my friends and families from anywhere over 3G or EDGE cell network with no restriction.

Smart Caller for iPhoneSmart Caller allows me to assign a calling card to my contacts so when dialing any contact, the app will dial the calling card number, enters the activation code, and then dial my contact.

It saves me lots of dialing, and makes the process a one touch process, besides the saving on long distance phone calls.

I use a company called tell3Vantage that provides low cost international phone calls. I put their phone number, and activation code in SmartDial. Then when I select any contact from my contact list, it goes through dialing tell3Vantage, and then dialing my contact saving lots of money this way.

sip call with fring on iphoneiSip for iPhone is very good for making SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) calls.

It is one of my best iPhone applications to make a phone call over wifi if you are in an area where roaming charges apply, or there is no cell network available. Click here to learn how you can make cheap international calls using SIP applications.

Contacts and Data Base:

iPhone contacts

Contacts is designed by apple to store your phone numbers, emails, and everything about a contact.

contatacts for the iphoneI use it as a data base in addition to the contact information. I like the fast search this application has on the Mac computer.

Therefore, I use the note area to store passwords, and other reminders and data related to a contact.

I even use it to store any information about anything I want to store, and I use the first name and last name to add keywords for that topic to remind me.

Since the contacts application is always synced with my Mac, I get all my notes always up to date on both my iPhone and my Computer.

For example, iPhone here is the first name, and you can see how I use the note portion of the contacts application to store information.


wedictpro dictionary app for the iphoneWebDictPro is my best iPhone application to find a definition of any English word. It is a powerful dictionary in my pocket. It finds words as you type them.

It also translates the word from English to Arabic or other languages supported by the iPhone. Moreover, it has voice pronunciation for most words as shown by the red circle.

Translator is an iPhone application that translates from any language to another. It is my best iPhone translator. It can translate a single word, or a complete sentence from/to many different languages.

iPhone Network:

Jaadu VNC is an iPhone VNC client and it is my best iPhone application to monitor and control my Mac or PC. It is simply is the best iPhone application I have ever used on a mobile device to control my Computer at home. 

The touch screen works as if it was a touch pad on a laptop, when you tap on the screen you select the file, double tap opens the file. If you tap with two fingers you simulate a right click. It is a very creative application.

jaadu vnc for the iPhone

jaadu rdp for the iphoneJaadu RDP is similar to Jaadu VNC but is an iPhone RDP client which is specially designed for the PC. This is one of the best iPhone applications to control your PC. Once you access your PC, the PC adjust the screen size to fill your iPhone 3.5 inch display.

You can run any program on your PC as if you were setting in front of your PC. The beauty of this app for the PC is that you can even access the sound of your PC just like running any Remote Desktop Client.

In the app settings you can select the audio to either come from the PC or from the iPhone, and you can choose the quality of the audio too. This is the best iPhone application for PC users to control their PC.

Video Recorders:


Cycorder and iPhone Video recorder require jailbreaking your iPhone 2G and 3G. They are hacks that allow you to capture video using your iPhone 3G.

Of course if you have an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, you don’t need such applications as it can record video by default. Also, iPhone 4 comes with a front facing camera and a rear camera and both can record video.

iphone video recorder 3G

Yxcoder is another video recorder for the iPhone 3G. The quality of those video recorders is not that great, but it is better than nothing on the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS comes with good video recording, the iPhone 4 records video in HD at 720P and can edit video with iMovie for iPhone. Read more in iPhone 4 features page.

Documents Readers and Editors:

GoodReader is the best iPhone application for reading pdf files. I tried several PDF readers. One common problem with most of the PDF readers for the iPhone is low memory.

If the PDF file is too big, the app will quit because of lack of memory for those large files. GoodReader is good for any file size PDF’s and is very stable. You can bookmark any page, and view the PDF in landscape in full screen too.

DocToGo is my best iPhone application to modify a word or an Excel document. The iPhone can read Word, Excel and PowerPoint files by default, but it can’t modify those documents.

DocToGo allows you to sync the documents between your desktop computer and your iPhone, so when you edit a document on the computer or on the iPhone, both devices are updated. Of course for simple and quick notes I use the default iPhone notes app.

DocToGo for the iPhone

Internet TV and Video Players:

netTV is the best iPhone application for viewing some internet TV on your iPhone. Be aware that not all stations are available. The quality of the feed is very good for most of the internet TV’s I tried.

netTV for the iphone

msnbc app for the iPhoneORBLive is a media files streaming application. It is one of my best iPhone applications and I use it to stream any TV station or video file from my PC to my iPhone on the fly.

There is a one time $10 subscription to the service, but you can try the limited version to get the taste of it.

YouTube is one of the best iPhone applications to search and play video on line. It supports videos in different languages and it also sync with your website YouTube account. 

NuageTV is my favorite iPhone video application. I can watch recorded shows from many different TV stations such as BBC, Aljazeera, CBC, CNETTV, Discovery channel an many more. You can view or download any of the available shows. You can also add your own url.

Aljazeera arabic allows you watch live feed of Aljazeera TV on your iP{honeAljazeera Arabic is one of my best iPhone applications. It allows you to watch aljazeera TV live on your iPhone.

It works on both wifi and 3G, and the quality of the feed is really good. The Arabic iPhone application is called AJA Arabic and available for free at the App Store.

AirVideo is one of best iPhone applications. It is an on the fly iPhone video converter that allows me to stream any video I have on my Mac or PC to my iPhone without the need to convert the file.

I don't have to download the file as the conversion happens in real time on the desktop computer and sent to the iPhone over wifi or 3G.

iPhone Camera:

The iPhone 3G camera is not the best out there with 2MP for iPhone 3G, and 3.1MP for the iPhone 3GS. There are many cheaper and smaller phones with better camera than the iPhone. The iPhone 4 came with a 5MP camera with a light sensor and a flash that give an amazing still picture quality.

I always used my iPhone 3GS to take still pictures, and now I use my iPhone 4 to take both video and still pictures, and stopped using my 8MP dedicated camera and my camcorder.

The reason seams to be the simplicity and convenience of the iPhone camera. It is always in my pocket, and it is very easy to take an iPhone photo and upload it to many social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker or Photon. And the quality of iPhone 4 camera is superb. You will also be surprised to know that there are iPhone camera accessories available out there.

camera-zoom-iphoneiPhone battery extendersThe pictures for the iPhone 3GS are good in daytime but no that good in the dark as there is no flash.

Camera Zoom is my best iPhone application for iPhone 3GS and 3GS as a replacement to the built in camera app. It has a stabilizer while taking a photo which improves the picture quality dramatically compared to the built in camera app. You can touch anywhere on the screen to take a picture, and it has a slider to zoom in and out.

FaceTime is one of the iPhone 4 features that allow audio and video call with other iPhone 4, iPod Touch forth generation, iPad and even Mac.


last-fm-for-iphoneLast.fm is a music streaming application. You select your style and it finds and plays similar styles. It is my best iPhone application for playing music online, as it has Arabic styles. You have to subscribe to the service for free first.

If you like a song that is being played, you can add it to your favorites. When you login to your account with last.fm website, you can access your favorite music that you selected on your iPhone. Then you can purchase those songs from iTunes or Amazon.

WunderRadio is an internet radio app. It allows me to listen to different radio stations online. I use it to listen to Arabic live radio feed, news and music, but you can try to search for any music or radio you want. You can even add your favorite radio url in the url area in the app.

Other Useful Apps:

face book for the iPhoneFacebook is my best social network site. There are many different apps that serve different social networks such as Twitter, Myspace and Flicker. Depending on what network you are subscribed with, you will find an iPhone app for it. They all would allow you to take a picture or video and send it to your site from your iPhone just like the Facebook app.

Showtimes is an app that locates theaters in your area, and what movies they are playing. It uses the GPS to locate you and finds all theaters around you. It can play trailers right in the app.

MyWeather is the application I use to check the weather. It gives a live broadcast satellite images, with moving clouds and rain all in real time. Just rotate the iPhone to landscape to get full screen view of live satellite weather broadcast.

My weather for the iPhone

Bloomberg is a very easy to use stocks app that gives you the trend of a stock in 3 or 5 years when you rotate the iPhone to landscape.

Colloquy is an IRC client. There aren't many options here, but this is a great IRC applications.

HiClac is the best iPhone calculator if you are looking for more than just simple additions and subtractions. HiCalc is for some complicated calculations. It also has a unit converter that converts any unit you might think of.

Hicalc for the iPhone

Also, check out the Arabic iPhone application page for more interesting arabic Apps in the App Store.

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