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Best iOS 5 Hacks

In this page I will show you my best iOS 5 hacks. Those hacks make my iPhone so different and special that I can't imagine my self with any smart phone lacking any of those hacks. In fact, I think the jailbreak hacks I have installed makes my iPhone the most powerful smart phone in the market.

All the hacks here are available in Cydia, some of them are free while other cost $1.00 and up. Take a look at each one of them to decide if you need it or not.

hacks in settings for iPhoneHacks in settings

Of course you can visit the iPhone hacks page for full description of the many hacks available through out the iPhone iOS development. But, here , you will see the ones that I have settled with and that make a difference.


Activator is one my best  hacks for the iPhoneMy number one hack is called Activator. This hack is my best one, and it just makes my iPhone so easy to navigate. Depending on the way you use your iPhone you can assign different gestures to different tasks, so that you can with a slide on your screen open an app send a message or whatever you want to do.

Activator provides over 50 touch gestures, but I only use a few that are really handy. Most of my gestures use the task bar sliding left and right, double tap, and tap and hold.

I use the slide right gesture as a home button to close applications. I use the slide to left gesture to open LockInfo. I use the double tap on status bar to view all running apps using CardSwitcher or Multiflow.

The iPhone Dock:

Sliding from the bottom of the screen I have some more hacks that makes the dock, and task switcher fly.

I use Zephyr to quickly close any app by sliding up from the bottom. I also have Switchy which gives me access to settings, volume and brightness right in the task switcher. Then, I have the DoubleDock hack which gives me two rows of task switcher instead of one. All this combination of hacks will give the best docking and task switching experience.

Double Dock and SwitchyDoucble dock and switchy for best task switcher experience

Folder & Icons Enhancers:

FolderEnhancer is great, I can arrange and categorize my apps inside folders, and folders inside folders.

With Gridlock, and MultiiconMover, and Springtomize 2, you will get the best customized iPhone folders and icons ever.

Folder Enhancer from CydiaiPhone home screen with Grid lock and MultiIcon mover.

You can move several icons at the same time to any folder, and you can move any icon any where on your screen. Moreover, you can change the style of your icons as shown above.

Forget about Widgets:

LockInfo for iPhone Finally, forget about Widgets, they are nasty and you could simply avoid them with something like Lockinfo. LockInfo is a great hack that allows you to access settings and many other information with one gesture at anytime. There is no need to swipe to any screen to find your widget.

LockInfo can have calendar, favorite contacts, weather, SBSettings, notes, and your notifications. This an all in one easy to access screen that you can access at anytime, anywhere.

With NotiCall added to LockInfo, you can quickly make a phone calls, send SMS message, or make a Facetime call. You can d this even at the lock screen!.

The Fastest Flash Light:

SpringFlash is my best flash light ever. Whenever I need a flash light in the bedroom, or in the car, or anywhere, I simply slide my iPhone and tap the home button three times to get a quick flash light.

What do you think, what are your best iOS 5 hacks?


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