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Air TV for iPhone

air tv for iPhone iconAir TV is an iPhone application that allows you to watch live cable TV on iPhone. It is the live TV streaming solution for PC users.

In order for you to watch TV on iPhone with AirTV, you have to install the PC version or AirTV, and must have a compatible TV tuner installed on your PC.

The application comes in a Mono and Color version. The Mono version is free and allows you to test AirTV with your TV Tuner before you buy the colored version which costs $9.99 form the App Store.

If your TV Tuner is compatible with AirTV, then Air TV will pick up the signal and display the TV on your PC. If you can see the TV on your PC, then running AirTV for iPhone will allow you to watch those channels on your iPhone.

There are not many options with AirTV, basically you can only watch and change channels. EyeTV for the Mac for example, is full of options like recording a show and schedule a recording and more.

AirTV for PC doesn't come with its own TV Tuner, therefore, you have to have a TV tuner installed and running on your PC.

When you install the driver for your TV Tuner, AirTV should automatically recognize it and list all available channels.


Setting up Air TV on the PC:

Air TV set up is simple. Just go to Senstic website and download the free windows version of Air TV. Then, run the installer and follow the on screen instructions.

bonjour installtion windowYou will be asked to install Bonjour for PC which allows auto discovery of devices on a local network.

Bonjour is required so that your iPhone can find the TV Tuner and Air TV on your PC.

There isn't many options to set up in AirTV for PC. The Channel area allows you to select the channel you want from the drop down menu to watch on your PC.

Click on Options to set up AirTV with your TV Tuner. A new window will open.

air tv for iphone PC application

air tv options window on PCSelect your Video Device which should be your TV Tuner. If your TV Tuner is installed correctly and compatible with AirTV, it will appear in the drop down menu. Also select your Audio Device.

Next Select your country and the TV source, Antenna or Cable.

Finally select your Video quality. this is the quality of the video displayed on your PC screen. It has nothing to do with your iPhone or network connection.

Click on Channels to expand the menu and see all available channels from your TV Tuner.




Those channels that you see here will be available for AirTV for iPhone. Click Scan to scan your TV tuner for all available channels.

air tv options channels on PC

Remote Access for PC Air TVThe Remote Access tab allows you to set up AirTV for access from an external wifi or 3G network.

In order for this to work, you have to have Port 1728 open. Since there are so many router brands, it is very difficult to show the set up for each router.

You can read the instruction of how to set up port forwarding for some routers from AirTV website and get a general idea.

The Remote Access Control area is where you enter your email and a password for your local wifi access.


When you run AirTV on your iPhone, you will be asked to enter your email and password exactly as entered here for the iPhone app to find your TV Tuner on your PC.


Setting Air TV on iPhone:

Air TV for iPhone comes in two versions. A mono and a colored version. The mono version allows you to test the App with your hardware, and see if it works before you buy the colored version.

Air TV for PC must be running on your PC for the iPhone version to find the TV Tuner.

The first time you run AirTV for iPhone, you will be asked to enter an email and password. This is the email and password you entered in your PC under Remote Access. Once you enter the email and password, you will see the name of the PC running Air TV that is on your local network.

 air tv for iphone settingsair tv computer connection screen

airtv authentication screen for iphoneTap the found PC by Bonjour to access the PC running AirTV. Enter the password to access AirTV.

Tap the ON button to remember your password and then tap Go.









Once the connection is started, you will see the TV on your iPhone screen. The CH button at the bottom allows you flip channels. Tap the Channel button to see a list of all available channels. Just select the channel you want to switch to and then tap Done.

air tv for iPhone optionsairtv for iphone channel list

The button shown by the blue rectangle allows you to adjust the sound with your video if it is lagging, slide to the left or right to sync the audio.

The i button at the top right allows you to get more control over the quality and the look of your application.

Tap the Video Quality button to set your video quality based on your network speed. If you are on wifi then try the High Quality, but if you are on a slower network. Then lower your video quality to get better stream.

air tv for iphone video quality screenairtv for iphone video quality setting

air tv for iphone skin optionsThe Skin button allows you to change the look of your TV that appears when a TV station starts.

Tap Random, so every time you open AirTV, a new skin for the TV is displayed.









Finally rotate your iPhone horizontally to watch full screen TV on iPhone.

air tv for iphone full screen tv



Air TV is a good solution for watching live Cable TV on your iPhone. There are not many Apps in this category yet in the App Store, Therefore, this App is OK and it does the job.

It only works on PC's. However, Mac users have a much better solution, Eye TV which turn the Mac into a fully functional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and for less price in the App Store.

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