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3G Unrestrictor

3g unrestrictor icon3G Unrestrictor is a an iPhone hack that allows you to fool the 3G and EDGE networks into thinking they are wifi. Therefore, the hack will allow VoIP apps such as Skype and Fring to work over 3G or EDGE without any restrictions.

Moreover, with the iPhone 4 FaceTime, it is now possible to make FaceTime video calls over 3G not only wifi.

3G Unrestrictor costs $3 and can be downloaded from the Cydia store. There is also a three day trial period, so you can try the hack and see if it works with your applications before you buy. After you install it, you will see an iPhone icon on your home screen.

The 3GUnrestrictor iPhone hack allows you to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple and AT&T on some applications that use the internet bandwidth heavily. This hack tricks those applications into thinking that they are actually running on wifi network, therefore, all the restrictions are removed.

Some of those applications allow you to watch TV on iPhone like SlingPlayer or NetTV while others are iPhone VoIP apps like Skype and Tango. Another restriction by Apple is that you can't download applications or Podcasts that are bigger than 10MB in size from the App Store or iTunes. With 3GUnrestrictor, you have no restrictions and no limit on the downloads.

3g unrestrictor warning over 3g or EDGE  networkThose restricted applications available from the App Store will not function if you are not connected to a wifi network.

A message will warn you that you need wifi. With 3GUnrestrictor you won't see this error message.

3G Unrestrictor Settings:

3g unrestrictor for iPhone hacks optionsWhen you start 3GUnredtrictor, you will see a list of all unrestricted applications that you have already unrestricted.

Tap the arrow on the right of each application to go to the settings menu.

iphone hacks3G unrestrictorThis is the only setting screen for the 3GUnrestrictor hack, and I have never used it.

If an application fails to get unrestricted, simply try turning on this option, and see if it will work.

If you want to add an app to your unrestricted list of applications, simply tap the edit button and then tap the plus button.

3g unrestrictor for iPhonehacks3G unrestrictor for iPhone hacking

iPhone hacking 3g unrestrictor A list of all installed applications on your iPhone will be available to be unrestricted.

Just tap the application you want to un restrict to add it to the unrestricted apps list.

3g unrestrictor iphone hacksTo remove the restriction from any app that has been restricted, simply tap the minus sign button to the left of the application, and then tap Delete to remove it from the unrestricted apps list.

Tap Done when you are finished, and the restriction will be back to that application as it was by default.

3g unrestrictor warning over 3g or EDGE  networkAfter enabling the iPhone hack, you will see that the wifi warning won't show any more and all those apps can now work over your cell phone network 3G or EDGE.

Now you can enjoy your favorite shows, TV's, and you can make cheap international calls using Skype or Tango from any where you have a cell phone data coverage or 3G/EDGE. You also will not be limited to the 10MB download limit to applications and Podcasts from the App Store and iTunes.

You have to be careful of data usage if you have limited or paid iPhone data plan though.

Tap the i button at the top right to go to the Information screen. From here you can enable or disable 3G unrestrictor hack for iPhone. You can also select to be Asked if you want to un restrict an app or Debug logging to send your problem to the author.

iPhone hacks with 3G unrestrictor more options3G Unrestrictor for iPhone hack

At the bottom you can access the help menus. Tap the 3G Unrestrictor Homepage to read more about this unique iPhone hack. You can find lots of information, explanations, support, FAQ, and much more in the Help area.

3gunrestrictor iPhone hack3g unrestrictor iphone hack information



3G Unrestrictor is one of the best iPhone hacks available for the iPhone and iPhone 4. It gives you the freedom to use your iPhone with any application over 3G and EDGE without any restriction.

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